Healing for the Healers & Helpers

We went to graduate/medical school. We have years of training to connect our thoughts to our feelings and our behaviors. We successfully guide so many patients in achieving their goals and living their best lives. So why are we struggling?

We know what we “should” do based on our years of clinical/legal experience, yet we still find ourselves having a hard time coping with certain aspects of our own lives. Insight alone doesn’t change behavior!

Perhaps it’s compassion fatigue, and we’re simply exhausted. We have so many patients to see in a day, and the documentation/dictation isn’t writing itself. Being in the medical or legal professions may be bringing up all of our “stuff,” and we don’t know how to deal with it. Perhaps we are simply human beings with difficulties that need to be handled despite our years of education and supervision.

Whatever the cause, we need to know that we are important and have the right to seek help.